112305 headliner

wasn't planning on going, was going to save it all up for FREAK THIS FRIDAY @ THE LINER, but i went anyways... short but fun time


we tailgated a little bit under the watchful eye of the police. The town of point pleasent really turned into the footloose town for this event.. and that is sad

fresh wedding

all the raw shots... doing fancy edits and what not this week


it rained, they moved it to long branch, we still raised a million bucks and had one hell of a time..

Point Pleasant ACS 5 mile

it was a nice october day, Sunday OCtober 19th. It was only a 5 mile walk, so by the time we got warmed up it was over, but a great turn out. And of course people loved the costume, here are the pictures

buffet season 2012

2 shows,but no back up cameraman, so not a lot of photos.. sorry.. next year we are hiring KENJI!

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